Muddy Girl 20 GA Semi-Auto
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Catalog # Caliber/Description Barrel Length
& Contour
Length of Pull Overall Length Weight MSRP
HAM20YA022MMG RIGHT HANDED YOUTH MUDDY GIRL 22" 13" 42" 6.35 lbs $552.00
HAM20YAL22MMG LEFT HANDED YOUTH MUDDY GIRL 22" 13" 42" 6.35 lbs $552.00
HAM20YA026MMG LADIES MUDDY GIRL 26" 14" 46" 6.45 lbs $552.00

The Escort Magnum features the SMART™ Valve gas pistons that regulate gas blowback to cycle every round – from 2.75 inch range loads through 3 inch heavy magnums. Escorts also have FAST™ loading systems that allow one-handed round changes without changing aiming position. All of this at half the price of other, similarly featured shotguns.