A Pair of Toms and an Escort

Angela Bashore with a pair of toms taken with her Escort 20 gauge Youth/Ladies Extreme Magnum, during Missouri’s Fall turkey season 2014. Proof great things come in small packages!

Light Weight, Hard Hitting… Howa Alpine Mountain Rifle

Here is another Howa Alpine Mountain Rifle HANDSHAKE delivered to a great Montana mountain spring black bear yesterday! Great Stuff from Randy Newberg our TEAM HOWA advocate that simply LOVES the Howa Alpine Mountain Rifle. Randy keeps knocking down some great trophies using both 7mm-08 and .308 at various ranges and conditions as well as […]

On Target magazine reviews the Howa Alpine Mountain Rifle!

Half a century ago, “Made in Japan” didn’t always inspire confidence. Today, however, that moniker is synonymous with inspired engineering, precision manufacturing and premium quality. A prime example of the quality of Japanese products comes inn the form Howa Machinery, Ltd. Established in 1907, Howa makes CNC machining centers, electronics manufacturing machines, pneumatic and hydraulic […]

Escort strikes again!

Ken Beyers from On Target Magazine bagged this beautiful Michigan Turkey with only 3 days left in the season. Ken was able to call in this lone Tom to just 7 yards and made a clean kill shot using #5 shot out of his Escort Turkey Tactical Semi Auto. Ken noted that his new Escort […]