Hiking In – Lightweight, HOWA Alpine Mountain Rifles

Lightweight hunting rifles for the backcountry and big mountain terrain

Every ounce counts when big game hunters take to the backcountry or mountain terrain for their trophy. Keeping in mind the weight of your gear and the weight of what you’re carrying out with you is an important part of any hunting trip, especially if you’re miles away from your camp.

The HOWA Alpine Mountain Package weighs only 6.7lbs, that’s including a Nikko Stirling® Panamax™ 3-9X40 scope and Tally™ 1 oz rings. The Nikko Stirling scope is one solid, main tube of aircraft-grade aluminum that allows for a 20% wider FOV (field-of-view), perfect to achieve that accurate, long-range shot. With a fully multi-coated lens and parallax adjustment from 10 to 500 yards, this HOWA is excellent for the hunter looking for a lightweight rifle the likes of which Randy Newberg (link to his website) would approve of.


My HOWA Alpine Mountain Rifle always delivers when rugged backcountry hunting conditions demand uncompromising accuracy.” – Randy Newberg

Omit the optics and the HOWA Alpine Mountain (rifle only) is just 5.7lbs. Forged barrel, lightened receiver and equipped with a custom synthetic stock and one-piece bolt with two locking lugs, there is no other rifle out there that will give you the dependability, accuracy and lightweight capability that the HOWA Alpine Mountain Bolt-Action Rifle can provide. The Alpine Mountain Package is available in .243 Win., .308 Win., 7mm-08 Rem., or 6.5 Creedmoor.

Because of it’s lightweight configuration and Sub-MOA accuracy, the HOWA Alpine Mountain Rifle is an industry leading choice for your next backcountry hunting trip. The bolt-action Alpine Mountain HOWA grants peace of mind and dependability no matter what game you’re after and what terrain you’re in.