Howa Groups

The pic of the .308 Howa/Hogue 1500 shows the results shot from 100 Yards, shooting 180 grain Federal Premium Trophy Bonded Tips. Those were the first three bullets shot in the rifle since pulling it out of the safe from last winter. All I did was run a dry patch down the tube and got these results. All three are touching each other.

The next is the .300 Win Mag. Switched over to 180 grain Federal Premium Trophy Copper. Ran a patch down the tube. First round was a little left and low. The next three were all within a half inch.

Both were off a sled, from a bench, at 100 yards. Slight east crosswind of 8-12 mph. Air temp was 58F.

Pretty easy to sight in when you get that performance, that quickly.


Randy Newberg, CPA
On Your Own Adventures, LLC