Howa’s Long Range Rifles & Target Shooting

The guiding principle to long range shooting revolves around consistency. With consistency you can achieve accuracy and choosing a consistent rifle is choosing a rifle you can trust to perform the same way time and time again without having to readjust all the time. With long range target shooting, a fraction of an inch of movement at the muzzle can equate to missing the target by feet at a long distance.

What a Howa precision rifle promises is consistency. The manufacturing processes of Howa rifles are very precise, and in turn, these processes create a production rifle that not only makes your shooting more precise, but easier and consistent.

A long range rifle has to be accurate and capable of a minute of angle or better. Your rifle needs to be reliable enough to ensure that it feeds and is able to execute putting rounds down range when and where you expect it to.

Because long range shooting is very methodical process, shots can take up to a few minutes, comfortability is a must in order to lessen the pulse on the rifle. The goal of long range shooting is to influence the rifle as little as possible, and being uncomfortable in your position will put a lot of undue stress on not only yourself, but your rifle, resulting in poor accuracy and missed targets.

Howa long range rifles are easy to use and a great place to start for perfecting your shot. The minimalistic approach that Howa takes is a good one, especially for shooters who are just starting out on this type of venture.



Getting your rifle and gear dialed is a great start, but what about ammunition? Ammunition is huge part of developing consistency and choosing the right ammunition is imperative when long range target shooting. That’s why we recommend using Hornady factory ammunition in our rifles. Any of the appropriate “match” offerings work really well, and we’ve found they deliver a high level of consistency.

Understanding and selecting the appropriate bullet weight for your rifle is imperative, as it stabilizes the bullet as it travels down and exits your barrel.

Bullet stabilization is a ratio of bullet weight, to rifle barrel twist rate and velocity. What does this all mean? If a bullet is too heavy for your rifle, its stability will be compromised and it will result in poor accuracy, and when accuracy is the whole point, bullet weight and ammunition choice is key.

If you’re trying your hand at long range hunting and target shooting, a Howa Long Range Rifle, Howa HCR, or Hogue Heavy Barrel rifle is your best choice to take out on the range. Stop by a local dealer today to see which rifle best suits your needs.