Legacy Sports announces the addition of a new rifle scope line to their popular Nikko Stirling scope lineu

Legacy Sports announces the addition of a new riflescope line to their popular Nikko Stirling® scope lineup. Nikko Stirling has introduced a totally new Targetmaster™ series that includes features sought after by tactical and competitive target shooters, alike. Available in four variable power models, the Targetmaster series features a 30mm tube made of aircraft grade aluminum. The 30mm body provides added strength and light gathering over scopes with a one inch body. Japanese-made lenses are coated with Microlux ETE , allowing for maximum light transmission to pick up the target quicker and with greater contrast. The adjustment turrets are target style, allowing for easy setting adjustment. Just pull out and turn! Push down again to lock. And, the Targetmaster also allows you to re-zero your scope without special tools – a function needed for quick windage and elevation adjustments on the bench or in the field.

All Targetmaster scopes feature side parallax and focus adjustments. Also located on the side is a switch to activate illumination of the reticle. Fast focus eye pieces allow for custom adjustment to suit your individual eye strength. Available with Mil Dot reticle.

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