Lightweight Centerfire Varmint Rifles – Why the Howa MiniAction?

The Howa Mini Action has quickly become an industry leading competitor when comparing lightweight, quick-handling, bolt action rifles. If you are looking for a versatile varmint rifle that will deliver accuracy and reliability in a lightweight package, the Howa Mini Action is for you.

The Mini Action features the same venerable Howa 1500 barreled action, only a slimmed down version. The chamber and bolt are significantly shorter than most short action rifles; translating to a shorter, faster bolt throw and about a 20% reduction in weight. The weight reduction makes no compromises and features the same Howa dual locking lug construction.

Howa_MiniAction_Highlander_High_Res-1024x350res a drawn barrel. When compared to forged barrels, Howa’s drawn barrels are heat treated and the production method produces less stress on the metallurgy. Meaning a more precise, straighter barrel.

Howa Mini Actions are also available in three different barrel contours:

  • 20” barrel, 5.7 lbs., No. 1 contour
  • 22” barrel, 6 lbs., No. 2 contour
  • 20” barrel, 6.4 lbs., No. 6 contour (heavy barrel)

All three Howa Mini Action rifle variations are available in a robust but lightweight synthetic stock. One of our favorite parts about the Howa Mini Action is the detachable magazine. The box magazines are available in 5 or 10 round configurations and are housed in a composite casing that staves off the elements, no matter what weather you encounter.

If you’re looking for a lightweight centerfire varmint rifle with out-of-the-box accuracy, the Howa Mini Action will not disappoint.

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