Loves His New Howa Package!

I went out with a buddy that is a real shooting enthusiast. After making an adjustment to the scope, we sighted my new Howa 300 Win. Mag. in at 100 yards. Shooting from a bench, with just sand bags and no rifle rest, I managed some very tight groups. My buddy then set up a chronograph and I shot three more rounds to get an average velocity. He then ran the bullet info (.308 Barnes 165gr, Tipped TSX BT) through a program that provided a lot of info: altitude, pressure, temp, humidity and wind. This was all new to me!! I told him I wanted a dead aim at 275 yards. He made some adjustments on the scope and set targets out at 300 yards and I put a nice group together; one you could cover with a nickel. The Howa and the Nikko Stirling scope is a sweet combination. I can’t wait to get it out this Fall!

Ron Dey

Ron Dey_300WM_Gameking Pkg