Most Accurate Production Rifles with a Sub MOA Guarantee

With the variety of production hunting and target shooting rifles on the market, choosing the right gun can be a process. Narrowing down your rifle choices and finding the right ‘out of the box’ rifle, for many, is a game of trial and error. With Legacy Sports International and the Howa line of rifles, we take the guess work out of buying the right production rifle; matching precision, reliability and affordability.


Legacy Sports offers a 100% Lifetime Warranty to the original purchaser on all Howa rifles for manufacturer defects. We believe that Howa’s Precision Rifles are the most accurate production rifles on the market; made with exacting tolerances, precision components, and years of research and development.


The anatomy of the Howa Precision Rifle is unmatched by any other production rifle on the market today. The one-piece Howa receiver features a recoil lug, forged steel bolt with two locking lugs, and an M16-style ejector and extractor. The quick, tool-less take down is made for easy cleaning and features unparalleled reliability.

The Howa Two-stage Activated Controlled Trigger delivers out of the box accuracy with a consistent and crisp trigger pull allowing minimal over-travel. The big thing we want to stress here is that there is no ‘creep.’ Howa builds rifles dedicated to accuracy, and with the Sub MOA Guarantee, you can be assured that your rifle will deliver Sub MOA performance of under 1″ at 100 yards with premium factory ammunition.

With a variety of calibers and barrel configurations, Howa’s dedication to creating a top of line production rifle is obvious in each manufacture. Utilizing the best stocks in the industry with available scope packages, a Howa rifle is your answer – and you won’t find a better collection than from Legacy Sports International.

If you are looking for the most accurate production rifle on the market, look towards a Howa, and then head for your local firearms dealer.