My First Howa

I purchased my Howa 1500 in 30.06 and I could not be happier. I am a rookie to rifle shooting altogether. I was able to get it zeroed my first time out. Shortly after, my buddy bought a Savage 111 also in a 30-06. At first I liked the safety of the savage and the bolt release, it looked fancy. Well that was about it. He has the new Nikon BDC scope which I was having a hard time just getting on paper at 100 yards. Granted, this was only my second time shooting but I used the same process that I used on my Howa. To the eye the savage has some cool looking features with the shiny bolt and Accutrigger. I honestly felt my two stage HACT trigger broke much better than the Accutrigger. I shot 60 rounds at the range that day comfortably. I shot maybe ten with my buddies and it was a hard 10. I only have my Howa to compare it to, but the Howa is a much nicer gun to shoot. As for all the crap people said about the Nikko [Stirling] scopes, I was shooting 1.5” groups at 200 yards and once I figured out the ranging feature I was with n 3 yards of the target. My wife, with minimal guidance from me and never having shot a rifle, was taking clays at 210 yards. Hands down I would take my Howa over a Savage any day. Can’t wait to take it on a pig hunt this June. Looking forward to see how far I can take this rifle scope package yard wise.

Thanks, new to the game and new to the Howa family.

Jarvis Orozco