New! Escort 20 Gauge Supremes!

Legacy Sports International, LLC announces a NEW Escort 20 gauge semi-auto shotgun in both RIGHT and LEFT-HANDED models!

Called the Escort Supreme 20, with catalog numbers HAS20A02600 (right-handed) and HAS20AL02600 (left-hand¬ed), this great little semi-auto is perfect for upland game. With a cycle rate of 3 shots in less than . second using 7/8 oz. loads, this is a super fast shotgun! The LEFT-HANDED model is a TRUE lefty, with left-handed action – not just a left-handed stock on a right-handed receiver! Both left and right handed models come with a beautiful, high gloss Turkish walnut stock and forend.

The Escort Supreme 20 is packed with LOTS of other standard features not found on auto repeaters in this price range. Some of the big pluses include: nickel chrome moly lined barrel proofed for steel shot, SMART™ valve cycling system that compensates for gas blowback to cycle all types of loads, our new FAST Loading System, magazine cut-off for single round loading and FIVE standard chokes in F, M, IM, IC and Skeet. Escort Supremes also come with a raised and ventilated rib with fiber optic front sight, aluminum alloy receiver that cuts the carry weight and a 26 inch barrel. Sling swivel studs are standard, as well as extra stock shims for a custom fit. MSRP for BOTH Left and Right-Handed models is: $619.00

Gauge Catalog Number Model/Description MSRP

20 HAS20A02600 Right Blued/Wood $619.00

20 HAS20AL02600 Left Blued/Wood $619.00

Spec’s Right-Handed Left-Handed

Barrel Length: 26” 26”

OAL: 46” 46”

LOP: 14” 14”

Weight: 6.5 lbs. 6.5 lbs.

Mag. Cap.: 4 + 1 4 + 1

Chamber 3” 3”

Chokes F. M, IC, IM, Sk F. M, IC, IM, Sk