NEW! HOWA Long-Range Rifle (HLR) for Long Range Precision

Legacy Sports International, Inc., leading U.S. importer of firearms and shooting accessories, today introduced the new HOWA Long-Range Rifle (HLR) at the 2017 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, NV. The new rifle is built upon the legendary HOWA 1500 Precision Barreled Action, and chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor or .308 Win. The HLR features a 26-inch heavy, threaded barrel, and Bell and Carlson® stock. 

Single HOWA hlr rifle

“This purpose-built powerhouse delivers first round hits on long-distance targets right out of the box,” according to President and CEO of Legacy Sports International, Gene Lumsden. “The barrel length and twist rates are optimized for today’s high ballistic coefficient bullets, and it’s the only rifle/optic combination to offer a first focal plane scope as part of the package,” he said. The scoped version of the rifle features the Nikko Stirling Diamond FFP 4-16×44 riflescope with matching MIL/MIL turrets and reticle. “We’re proud to cover the HLR with our new HOWA Lifetime Warranty and Sub-MOA Guarantee,” Lumsden added. “As long as you own your HLR, rest assured, we’ve got you covered.”

The new HLR was created for long-range precision shooters, and is fitted with a textured Bell & Carlson stock in green with black, or tan with black. The threaded barrel is muzzle break or suppressor ready, and features a twist rate of 1-8” in Creedmoor and 1-10” in .308 Win.

The HLR scoped package comes equipped with the purpose-built Nikko Stirling Diamond First Focal Plane 4-16×44 scope backed by the exclusive Nikko Stirling LIFETIME WARRANTY. Built to fulfill the various needs of long-range shooter while maintaining a budget friendly price tag, the Diamond FFP riflescope utilizes the exclusive Nikko Stirling glass-etched Skeleton HMD reticle. The riflescope features fully coated Microlux ETE GEN III glass coatings, 1/10 MIL click adjustments, aircraft grade 30mm main tube, dual red/green illumination, enhanced light gathering construction, and is magnum caliber rated.

According to Lumsden, “All you have to do is pick up some premium ammo, and you’re ready to have fun hitting targets at distance with the new Howa Long-Range Rifle.”

Additional Features:

  • Available in 26-inch heavy barrel contour in 6.5 Creedmoor or .308 Win.
  • Threaded barrel with thread cap protector
  • Bell and Carlson varmint/tactical-style, textured stock: green/black or tan/black
  • Raised cheekpiece
  • Full-aluminum bedding block
  • Dual front sling studs
  • 1” Pachmayr Decelerator Recoil Pad
  • 2 Stage H.A.C.T. Trigger
  • 3 Position Safety
  • Nikko Stirling Diamond First Focal Plane 4-16×44 Scope Option
  • 30mm aircraft-grade aluminum, one-piece main tube
  • Illuminated glass-etched reticle
  • Fully multi-coated lens
  • Microlux ETE GEN III glass coatings
  • 1/10 MIL adjustments
  • 4” of eye relief
  • Skeleton HMD reticle with quick ranging feature
  • 20-MOA, two-piece base & rings
  • MSRP: Rifle $1015 / Scoped rifle $1299


The HOWA Lifetime Warranty states that Legacy Sports International offers a 100% Lifetime Warranty to the ORIGINAL PURCHASER on all HOWA rifles for manufacturer defects. The HOWA Rifle 100% Lifetime Warranty covers faulty, defective or broken parts due to manufacturing, and provides repair or replacement at no additional cost. Legacy Sports International requires an original receipt, and that the firearm be registered with Legacy Sports International. The Warranty is not transferable. All HOWA rifles purchased in the U.S. on or after January 1, 2017 are covered by this offer.


Howa rifles are guaranteed to deliver sub MOA performance of 1 inch or less at 100 yards with premium factory ammunition. Guarantee is not transferable. All HOWA rifles purchased in the U.S. on or after January 1, 2017 are covered by this offer.

For more information on the new for 2017 HOWA Long-Range Rifles from Legacy Sports International, visit us at Industry Day at the Range on Monday, January 16, or during SHOT Show 2017 in booth #3036.  For details regarding the new HOWA 100% Limited Lifetime Warranty and HOWA Sub-MOA Guarantee, please click here.


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