New Jersey Groundhog Huntin’

We went out last night in the New Jersey heat hoping to “Howa” a few groundhogs and we ended up with this trio. Man, the Howa’s with Hornady ammo are deadly! I shot the fat one at 142 yards, while the other two my buddy Nick nailed at 111 and 103 yards. The groundhogs did […]

New Jersey Longbeard

I hunted all week long and today was the last day of my A Week permit here in New Jersey. We called in two separate flocks of birds who ran in at the same time after we fired the hens all up…smoked this bird at 15 steps with my Escort Extreme Magnum and a 3.5″ […]

So God Made A Hunter

As hunters and outdoorsmen…there isn’t a more important message we can stand behind. Help us spread the word about protecting conservation and the 2nd Amendment!

Wyoming Antelope with Randy Newberg

Mark Hervonen took this nice Wyoming antelope with a Howa/Hogue rifle in .308 after passing on it three times. Mark and Randy just couldn’t judge the buck’s size at the distances they saw him, until the fourth encounter. Then, Mark dispatched him with one shot!

Korean War Veteran Likes Citadel M1-22

I have a Citadel M1-22 Carbine which I like very much. It’s so close to the one I carried during the first year of the Korean War. I was a member of the 24th. Infantry Division, Reconnaissance from May 28th, 1948 until June 15th, 1951. While on occupation duty in Japan prior to the start […]

5X5 Elk Taken with Howa Kryptek

Josh Airey of the Don Coffey Company is one of our Howa sales reps. Josh proves he stands behind what he sells! Josh delivered the “Howa Handshake” to this nice 5×5 bull with his Howa Highlander Kryptek rifle in 300 win mag. caliber.

Swan Song

Tom Willoughby with his first swan taken with his ESCORT Waterfowl Extreme

10 Year Old Scores with Howa!

My 10yr old daughter, Kimberlyn, with her first deer. A doe shot on our property with a Howa 1500 Youth in .308. Thanks for a great rifle. I think you can tell from the picture how happy she is. – Gerald Furajter (proud dad)

Big Nevada Elk gets a Howa Handshake!

I just wanted to send you a photo of my wife Kaysie’s bull that she harvested in Nevada with a Howa 1500 chambered in .270 Win. I bought her the rifle a few years back and that triggered her to start hunting. Since then she has harvested a blonde bear, a 4 point buck, and […]

Loves His New Howa Package!

I went out with a buddy that is a real shooting enthusiast. After making an adjustment to the scope, we sighted my new Howa 300 Win. Mag. in at 100 yards. Shooting from a bench, with just sand bags and no rifle rest, I managed some very tight groups. My buddy then set up a […]

Another Howa Handshake!

Brett Kennon, Legacy Sports International’s National Sales Manager with a great bull elk taken with his Howa 1500/Kryptek/Cerakote combo in 300 Win Mag. Brett used Hornady ammo and dropped this bull in his tracks at 250 yds. Congratulations, Brett!

A Pair of Toms and an Escort

Angela Bashore with a pair of toms taken with her Escort 20 gauge Youth/Ladies Extreme Magnum, during Missouri’s Fall turkey season 2014. Proof great things come in small packages!

Light Weight, Hard Hitting… Howa Alpine Mountain Rifle

Here is another Howa Alpine Mountain Rifle HANDSHAKE delivered to a great Montana mountain spring black bear yesterday! Great Stuff from Randy Newberg our TEAM HOWA advocate that simply LOVES the Howa Alpine Mountain Rifle. Randy keeps knocking down some great trophies using both 7mm-08 and .308 at various ranges and conditions as well as […]

On Target magazine reviews the Howa Alpine Mountain Rifle!

Half a century ago, “Made in Japan” didn’t always inspire confidence. Today, however, that moniker is synonymous with inspired engineering, precision manufacturing and premium quality. A prime example of the quality of Japanese products comes inn the form Howa Machinery, Ltd. Established in 1907, Howa makes CNC machining centers, electronics manufacturing machines, pneumatic and hydraulic […]

Escort strikes again!

Ken Beyers from On Target Magazine bagged this beautiful Michigan Turkey with only 3 days left in the season. Ken was able to call in this lone Tom to just 7 yards and made a clean kill shot using #5 shot out of his Escort Turkey Tactical Semi Auto. Ken noted that his new Escort […]

New! Pointer Slug Gun Combos!

Gene Lumsden, CEO of Legacy Sports International, Inc. is pleased to announce the New Pointer Slug Shotgun Combos from Legacy Sports International, Inc. Pointer Slug Gun Combos from Legacy Sports International, Inc. are a two-barrel shotgun set in either pump or semi-auto. Both come with chrome-lined, 28” main barrels with fiber optic sight and five […]

New Pointer Semi-auto Shotguns from Legacy Sports International!

Gene Lumsden, CEO of Legacy Sports International, Inc. is proud to announce the addition of a new line of semi-auto shotguns from Pointer. The New Pointer Semi-autos are a family of gas actuated shotguns in Turkish walnut or a beautiful gray laminate. The walnut models come in 12, 20 and 28 gauges, while the gray […]

New Pointer Break Action Shotguns!

Gene Lumsden, CEO of Legacy Sports International, Inc. proudly announces the New! Pointer Break Action from Legacy Sports International, Inc. The new Pointer Break Action, single shot shotguns are great to teach beginners how to shoot, or are just plain fun! Available in 12, 20 and .410 gauges, these single shots all come with 28 […]

New! Howa Mini Action, Short Action Rifles!

Gene Lumsden, CEO of Legacy Sports International, Inc., is excited to announce the newest innovation from Howa Rifles, the new Howa Mini Action! Currently available in .204 and .223 calibers, other short action chamberings will be offered at a later time. The chamber and bolt of the new Mini Action are significantly shorter (approx. 12%) […]

New! Howa Alpine Mountain Rifle!

Gene Lumsden, CEO of Legacy Sports International, Inc. proudly announces the NEW! Howa Alpine Mountain Rifle. Lightweight, at only 6.7 lbs. with Vortex Viper 3-9×42 scope and Talley rings (5.7 lbs. without scope and rings), this Howa also features a HACT™ two-stage trigger, Ammo Boost™ detachable magazine system, Cerakote™ Gray barreled action and Pachmeyer® Decelerator™ […]

New! Escort M87 Pump Action Shotguns!

Gene Lumsden, CEO of Legacy Sports International, Inc. is pleased to announce the Escort M87 Pump shotgun from Legacy Sports International, Inc. as a new model for 2015. Available in three models: 12 gauge, 20 gauge and 20 gauge Youth, all come with 3 inch chambers. The 12 gauge and 20 gauge Adult models can […]

Citadel Cerakote 1911’s

Gene Lumsden, CEO of Legacy Sports International, Inc. proudly announces the addition of Cerakote® coating to the Citadel line of M1911 pistols. Called Citadel Cerakotes, these pistols are both great looking and functional. Cerakote coatings are a thin ceramic coating that provides tough protection against scratches, rust and dings. Another benefit is that the Cerakote […]