Review: Lithgow Arms LA102 Crossover Centerfire Rifle

From British Military To A 100 Year Startup; The Full History Of Lithgow Arms LA102 Crossover Centerfire Rifle

Our friends over at wrote up a a colorful review of the LA102 from Lithgow Arms. Lithgow Arms has one of the most interesting histories that dates back to 1912 creating firearms for the British military. Having the long history of experience in creating reliable weapons, Lithgow Arms  LA102 Crossover Centerfire Rifle has many unique attributes that makes a solid shot. Read the full history and review here from




Snapshot from Review:

  1. Outside the box.  The design of the LA102 is unique, in a good way!
  2. Light bolt lift.  The bolt lift on the LA102 was light.  This is typically an issue with 3 lug actions, Lithgow did a great job designing it.
  3. Nice stock.  Even though it was an injection molded stock, the stock didn’t feel cheap or flimsy.  It felt solid and provided a great foundation for an accurate rifle.
  4. It shoots!  Just over 1/2 MOA out of the box!
  5. Looking forward to the future.  I’m hoping to see the LA102 offered in additional calibers and compatible with AICS magazines.

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