The Buck Dropped Here!

We could hear elk bugling on the hillside above us as we worked our way up through the canyon we had hiked into. As it became light, we had entered a series of meadows at the bottom of a series of avalanche chutes. Having rained and snowed for two days solid, the elk and deer had hit the feed in these openings hard. I caught a glimpse of a deer 150 yards away at the far side of the clearing we had just entered. I pointed it out to my friend Dave, and asked him to look at it through his binoculars since mine (and my gun) were still in my pack. His reply was simply, “don’t shoot the first one, but the one in back is a decent buck.”

I scrambled to get my gun off of my pack, set my shooting sticks, and set down on my pack readying for the shot. The deer had moved up the hill a ways, and we couldn’t find them for a few minutes. They finally emerged from a patch of brush in a gully. I looked the bigger buck’s antlers over, let the safety off, centered the crosshairs on the deer’s shoulder and took up the slack on the trigger. A couple more ounces on the trigger and my Howa barked. We were greeted with a solid whack, and the buck dropped instantly. – Sam Ferguson, C-A-L Ranch Stores

My beautiful picture