Upcoming Predator Quest Episodes

Legacy Sports is pleased to announce upcoming Predator Quest videos featuring Les Johnson and Escort shotguns. Check out the schedule for release below.

Episode 7: Long Range Shotgun Coyote
Its another great episode of calling coyotes with Les and he connects on a long range shotgun shot during the last stand of the evening on a big, pretty male coyote.

Episode 8: Close Encounter Coyote
Les calls in a coyote on the first stand of the morning that gets so close you can see its eyes blink! Join Les for another great day of calling.

Episode 9: Saving Peter Cottontail
The Episode starts off with several coyotes that are called in close and taken with Les’s Escort Shotgun. Then its time to save Peter Cottontail from Wiley Coyote!

Episode 10: South Dakota Cold Weather Calling
It’s cold and snow covered in South Dakota and the coyotes are calling good! Les does not connect on a big coyote that was close, but then he gets things dialed in and connects on a few!

Episode 11: Jeff’s Yellow Lab Molly, Coyotes and Raccoons
Les and Jeff were on a coyote calling trip that had a very unfortunate accident happen while they were gone filming. Jeff’s lab Molly joined us on this trip and there were multiple coyote encounters which ended in a great daytime coon calling set up.

Episode 12: Fast Paced Shotgun/Rifle Double
Another great episode of calling coyotes with more tips on setup and patience! The highlight of this episode is when 2 coyotes come ripping in and Les is able to connect on the first with a shotgun and the second as it is leaving at Mach IV.

Episode 13: Deep Snow, Great People, Deer and Coyotes
Pickup problems while on this calling adventure slowed Les down for a little bit, but it turned out for the best in the end.