Why was no warranty card packaged with my LSI firearm?

Legacy Sports offers written warranties for Howa rifles, Escort Shotguns and Nikko Stirling optics.

All other products fall under the Magnuson-Moss Act. The Magnuson-Moss Act (Public Law 93-637) does not require any manufacturer or seller of a consumer product to give a written warranty. It does provide that if a written warranty is given, it must be designated as “limited” or “full” and sets minimum standards for a “full” warranty. Rather than attempt to comply with the provisions of the Magnuson-Moss Act and the regulations issued there under, LSI has elected not to provide a written warranty for these products.

Unless excluded in writing, certain implied (unwritten) warranties also arise under state law with respect to sales of consumer goods. Because the extent and interpretation and these implied warranties varies from state to state, LSI HEREWITH EXCLUDES ALL SUCH IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THOSE OF MERCHANTABILTY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE to those products other than Howa, Escort or Nikko Stirling.


Some states restrict the exclusion of implied warranties or of incidental or consequential damages, so the above exclusion may not apply to you.

LSI wishes to nonetheless assure our customers of our continued interest in providing QUALITY PRODUCTS AND SERVICE to owners of LSI firearms.

How can I get a free copy of the latest Legacy Sports Catalog?

You can request a free catalog from Legacy Sports International by calling 775-828-0555 / TOLL FREE 1-800-5-LEGACY, or be e-mail at  click here. Or, you can download a .pdf file of the catalog from this website, www.legacysports.com/catalog

How can I get a replacement manual for my Escort, Pointer, Citadel, Webley and Scott or Nikko-Stirling optics

You can request a free owner’s manual by calling 775-828-0555 / TOLL FREE 1-800-5-LEGACY, or click here.

Where can I purchase parts or send repairs for my Howa, Escort, Pointer, Citadel, Webley and Scott or Nikko-Stirling optics?

For parts, warranty or repair work for your Howa, Escort, Pointer, Webley and Scott or Nikko-Stirling optics, please contact Legacy Sports at 775-828-0555 / TOLL FREE 1-800-5-LEGACY.

For parts, warranty or repair work for your Citadel centerfire pistols please contact Armscor at support@armscor.com 775-537-1444.

Can I purchase a firearm direct from Legacy Sports International?

Only a holder of a valid Federal Firearms license, (FFL) may buy a gun directly from Legacy Sports Int.

Where was my Howa, Escort, or Nikko-Stirling scope manufactured?

Howa rifles are manufactured by Howa Machinery, LTD in Japan.

Escort Shotguns are manufactured by Hatsan Arms Co. in Turkey.

Citadel centerfire handguns are made by Armscor in the Philippines.

Pointer semi-auto shotguns are made by Armsan in Turkey.

Pointer over/under shotguns are made by Kahn in Turkey.

Webley and Scott barreled actions are made by Howa Machinery LTD in Japan.

The Nikko-Stirling Nighteater series offers optics that are manufactured in Japan and assembled in China. The Nikko-Stirling Diamond series is manufactured and assembled in Japan using Japanese optics.

Does Legacy Sports Int. have a custom shop?

No, Legacy Sports does not have a custom shop.

Does Howa manufacture a left handed action?

No, Howa does not produce a left-handed action.

Howa Rifle Recommended Break-In Procedure

Please do not sight-in and or group the rifle during the break-in procedure.

For the first ten shots we recommend using copper jacketed factory ammo. Clean the oil and powder residue out of the barrel before each shot using a commercial bore cleaner with an ammonia content. After firing each cartridge, use a good bore cleaner (one with ammonia) to remove fouling from the barrel using only a soaked patch. We do not recommend anything with an abrasive in it since you are trying to seal the barrel, not keep it agitated.

For the first ten rounds, clean and let the barrel cool between each round fired using a patch and rod only.

Following the initial ten shots, you then may shoot 2 rounds, cleaning between each pair of shots. This is simply insuring that the burnishing process has been completed. In theory, you are closing the pores of the barrel metal that have been opened and exposed due to the manufacturing process.

To keep the temperature cool in the barrel, wait at least 5 minutes between break-in shots. The barrel must remain cool during the break-in procedure. If the barrel is allowed to heat up during the break-in, it will impede the steel’s ability to develop a home registration point, or memory. It will have a tendency to make the barrel “walk” or “climb” when it heats up in the future. If you take a little time in the beginning and do it right, you will be much more pleased with the performance of  your barrel in the future.

Where Can I Purchase A Pistol Grip/Magazine Tube/Folding Stock/ Telescoping Stock for my Escort or Pointer Shotgun?

Escort and Pointer shotguns are made in Turkey.  Legacy Sports is the importer for the Escort and Pointer shotguns in the USA.  Because these shotguns are not manufactured in the USA, they are subject to Title 18 Chapter 44 Section 922(r) of the United States Code, commonly known more simply as 922(r).  This basically means it is illegal to install a pistol grip only, folding stock, telescoping stock or a magazine tube extension.  For this reason, we do not offer such things in the USA, nor can we recommend putting one on your Escort or Pointer shotgun.

A shotgun with a telescoping stock or a magazine greater than 5 rounds is prohibited from importation into the United States under the provisions of section 925(d)(3) of Title 18, United states code (U.S.C.). Assembly of such a shotgun from imported parts is prohibited under 18, U.S.C. Section 922(r). The implementing regulations in Title 27, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 478, Section 478.39 (formerly Part 178, Section 178.39) prohibit assembly of such a shotgun that contains more than 10 of the imported parts listed in paragraph (c) of the regulation. Please see the enclosed brochure for further information. Assembly of such a shotgun using 10 or less of the listed import parts is not prohibited. The shotgun is also subject to whatever State laws and local ordinances may apply.

We thank you for your inquiry and trust that the foregoing has been responsive to your request.

The brochure contains the following:

(c) For purposes of this section, the imported parts are:

1. Frames, receivers, receiver castings, forgings, or stampings.
2. Barrels
3. Barrel extensions
4. mounting blocks (trunnions)
5. Muzzle attachments
6. Bolts
7. Bolt carriers
8. Operating rods
9. gas pistons
10. Trigger housings
11. triggers
12. Hammers
13. Sears
14. Disconnectors
15. Buttstocks
16. Pistol grips
17. Forearms, handguards
18. Magazine bodies
20. Floorplates


John A. Spurgeon
Chief, Firearms Programs Division, BATFE

Detachable Magazine Installation Instructions