What is Sub MOA Accuracy, and Why is it Important When Choosing a Rifle?

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In our last couple of web articles we mention our new ‘Sub MOA’ guarantee and the importance of an accurate and consistent rifle, but what does it all boil down to?

For the entry-level or seasoned shooter, it means a no-brainer choice between a rifle with guaranteed accuracy versus another. For someone who is just discovering shooting sports, recreational shooting, hunting and rifle shooting, the term Sub MOA may not fully resonate just yet, and that’s okay, we’re here to help explain.

An ‘MOA’, or Minute of Angle, in relation to firearm accuracy refers to the capability that a firearm has to consistently deliver a grouping of shots at a particular distance. For example: One MOA = at 100 yards is a 1” group. One MOA at 200 yards is a 2” group, at 300 yards a 3” group, etc. (*this is an estimate, the actual MOA @ 100 yards is 1.047, but for example’s sake, see above conversion.)


Sub-MOA refers to, a single group of shots or an average of several groups, that will measure less than one MOA between the two furthest shots in the group, meaning all shots fall under a one MOA.
What does this mean to the average shooter? A rifle that is capable of one minute of angle (MOA) or better is very, very consistent, and consistency means accuracy. If you are shooting a Sub MOA rifle out to 1,000 yards, your rifle has the capability to hit a target that is at least 10” in size.


To put this into perspective, a full size IPSC silhouette is 40” tall by 19.5” wide, with a head of about 6×6”. An NBA basketball is about 9.5” in diameter and a golf ball is 1.7” in diameter, so the accuracy that a Sub MOA rifle offers is imperative if you are looking to shoot long range. Shooting a full size steel target at 1000 yards is a much easier task with a Sub-MOA rifle than one that is not, is essence.

At Legacy Sports International we guarantee our Howa M1500 Rifles deliver a Sub MOA performance of 1 inch or less at 100 yards with premium factory ammunition. All firearms that are purchased in the U.S. on or after January 1, 2017 are covered by this Sub MOA guarantee.