Built upon history…


  • Samuel Cummings was born in Philadelphia on February 7, 1927.
  • After WWII, he became a Weapons Specialist for the US Army at Fort Lee, VA.
  • Following his military discharge he attended George Washington University where he was recruited by the CIA to be a weapons expert.
  • Cummings then toured Europe, where he bought large quantities of surplus World War II weapons for both Hollywood Productions and the Taiwan government. During this time he was also called upon to identify captured weapons in the Korean War.


  • Samuel Cummings left the CIA to start his own business: International Arms Corporation/Interarmco/Interarms in Alexandria, Virginia.
  • A warehouse was also set in  Manchester, England and other international locations to capitalize on the vast stores of postwar arms and ammunition. He used his contacts and expertise to acquire surplus weapons in large quantities to sell to various private and government buyers throughout the world
  • Over the span of 7 years, he accumulated over 1 million firearms and over 250 million rounds of ammo from a surplus of the Spanish Civil War.
  • The first ever AR-10 sale was made to Nicaragua in 1959.
  • The company went on to dominate the private arms market and Cummings earned a reputation as “the largest private arms dealer in the world.”


  • Samuel Cummings died on April 29, 1998 in Monaco after a series of strokes with the company sitting on $12M of inventory.
  • His family chose to liquidate all inventory of the company except $500k of Howa Barreled Actions after his passing.


  • Interarmco was bought by Legacy Sports International, a subsidiary of Fuller Global, on Jan 1, 2000.


  • December 2005 – Legacy Sports International moved from Alexandria, Virginia to Reno, Nevada.


  • January 1, 2006 – Legacy Sports International opens its doors in Reno, NV.


  • January 1, 2015 – Reno Cerakote & Hydrographics, a sister company to Legacy Sports created by Fuller Global, is created to handle all of Legacy Sports’ decorating needs.
  • December 2015 – Exponential sales growth for Legacy Sports forces the company to acquire a larger warehouse for its operations.


  • January 2016 – Legacy Sports International Inc. moves into its new and current location, doubling the size of its previous location.